Philips HeartStart First Aid / HS1 Infant/Child Pads Cartridge

$273.81 exc. GST

Infant/Child SMART electrode pad cartridges for use on children under 8 years of age or under 25kg.

Applications for this product

  • Infant/child size training pad cartridges for demonstrating emergency scenarios when used with Heartstart Hs1 defibrillator
  • Non-clinical pads, when installed in the Heartstart Hs1 defibrillator, suspend the defibrillator’s ability to deliver a shock and activate its training mode.

Features of this product

  • Each cartridge consists of a removable clear protective lid with a handle, a resealable film cover, and 1 pair of reusable adhesive pads
  • Includes pads placement guide and illustrated instructions for installing the cartridge, using pads, and repackaging after use

Why Choose This Product

  • Training pads cartridge can also be used on a manikin, connected with an internal or external manikin adapter

Specifications of this product

  • 1.50 pounds / 350 grams
  • Conductor Surface Area 85 cm2
  • Temperature Range for Storage 10° – 43°C
  • Recommended Patient Weight <25kg
  • Leadwire Length 1.0m (3’3″)
Weight 0.35 kg


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