AED – Defibtech 7yr


Automated External Defibrillators Defibtech Semi Auto 7 Year Battery (GST Free)

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Lifeline Semi Defibtech AED (Semi Automatic)

The original award-winning Defibtech AED, the Lifeline Semi-Automatic is easy to use with only 2 buttons. It also comes standard with an 8 year Warranty.

Simple to Use:

Simple, clear and straightforward – there are only two-buttons on the unit, a green button to turn the unit on and a red one to shock the patient, if needed.

The Lifeline AED is simple and intuitive. Clear Voice Prompts. Long Life Battery. Active Status Indicator.

Award-Winning Ergonomic Design. Rugged and Durable.

Easy to Record and Transfer Data. Safe and Effective Life Saving Technology.

Corporate Focus and Commitment – the Defibtech Tradition of Excellence.

Size:22 x 30 x 7 cm

Weight: 2kg

Weight 2 kg