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Items Required by First Aid Code of Practice

Adhesive Dressing Tape39070$2.68 exc. GST
Burnaid Gel Sachet 3.5g41440$0.87
Cold Pack Instant - Small55000$3.36 exc. GST
Combine Dressing 10cm35070$1.11 exc. GST
Conforming Bandage 5cm30110$0.73 exc. GST
Conforming Bandage 7.5cm30120$0.84 exc. GST
Crepe Medium Bandage 10cm30160$3.61 exc. GST
Disposable Gloves - Nitrile Blue50000$0.90 exc. GST
Emergency Thermal Blanket52000$3.32 exc. GST
Eye Pad35000$0.54 exc. GST
First Aid Notebook with Pen56255$2.77 exc. GST
Forceps Stainless Steel 12.5cm51200$3.42 exc. GST
Hypoallergenic Plastic Dressing Strips (50)33210$6.29 exc. GST
Low Adherent 10cm35530$1.17 exc. GST
Low Adherent Pad 5cm35500$0.68 exc. GST
Low Adherent Pad 7.5cm35510$0.84 exc. GST
Plastic Bag Large Clip Seal53020$0.24 exc. GST
Plastic Bag Medium Clip Seal53010$0.24 exc. GST
Plastic Bag Small Clip Seal53000$0.24 exc. GST
Rapaid Antispetic Spray 50ml41230$8.12 exc. GST
Resuscitation Face Shield (GST Free)57050$5.22
Safety Pins Assorted Pk1251005$0.99 exc. GST
Scissor S/S 12.5cm Sharp/Blunt51100$3.78 exc. GST
Sodium Chloride 15ml 0.9%40000$1.05 exc. GST
Splinter Probe58100$0.22 exc. GST
Sterile Gauze Swabs32280$0.54 exc. GST
Triangular Bandage 110cm30000$2.33 exc. GST
Wound Dressing No.1435040$4.92 exc. GST
Wound Dressing No.1535050$5.10 exc. GST

Risk Assessment / Duty of Care Items

A4 CPR Indoor Chart - Laminate56130$3.78 exc. GST
Alcohol Cleansing Wipes - Box10042020$9.30
Antiseptic Gel 25g41200$4.99 exc. GST
Blue Detectable Dressing Strips (100)33230$22.26 exc. GST
Blue Detectable Dressing Strips (50)33220$14.52 exc. GST
Burnaid Dressing41420$5.70
Cold & Heat Pack55030$11.22 exc. GST
Cold Pack Instant - Large55010$6.96 exc. GST
Conforming Bandage (Heavy) 10cm30190$3.57 exc. GST
Coverplast Fabric Dressing Strips (50)33270$8.71 exc. GST
CPR Face Shield57061$7.15 exc. GST
Crepe Medium Bandage 7.5cm30150$1.80 exc. GST
Essentials First Aid Manual56010$34.95 exc. GST
Kidney Dish Disposable53101$3.30 exc. GST
Register Of Injuries56200$9.42 exc. GST
Resus-Aid Mask in Case - Adult57070$25.52
Sharps Container58005$9.61 exc. GST
Wound Dressing No.1335030$3.20 exc. GST