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Shop from our large range of first aid kits, supplies and emergency equipment.

We back this up with our promise, we “never overstock your first aid kits, or sell you unsuitable items or extras that you don’t need.”

Businesses can take advantage of our Flexi-fill first aid kit restocking options to keep your first aid kits compliant with the first aid code of practice.

By having the right first aid kit and supplies, you will have gone a long way to ensuring the well-being of yourself, your staff and visitors.

First Aid Bag with Shoulder Strap Softpacks, portable first aid travel kits. Purchase online, Sydney Australia.
The Code of Practice Sydney first aid kits range come in Softpak, Hard Case or Wall Mount to suit your onsite business needs.
The national first aid Code of Practice states that all workers must have access to a first aid kit. Shop from our wide range of both portable first aid kits and wall mounted first aid kits.
Fully stocked portable first aid kit
Browse our range of first aid and emergency supplies online. Purchase all you need to maintain your kits and keep them compliant.

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First Aid Kits and Supplies sells first aid products and equipment for many situations such as workplace compliance, first aid rooms, home, school, recreation, motor vehicle and travel. Our re-stock service will keep your first aid kits up-to-date.

First Aid Kits and Supplies shop provides specialist emergency equipment such as defibrillators (AED’s), Rescue Backpacks, emergency kits such as snake bite kits, stretchers, splints, CPR training dummies, wheelchairs, stretchers and more.

Have a browse through our large range of first aid supplies, from band-aids and antiseptics  to specialist items such as smart defibrillators that train you and explain first aid instructions step by step automatically.

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First Aid Kit restocking

There are different ways to restock your first aid kit using our Flexifill option. You may want to restock your kit yourself by purchasing supplies in our online shop. You can download the kit restocking checklist and use it as an order to restock your supplies. The checklist can also be used to audit your kit to make sure it has the minimum first aid supplies as required by the first aid code of practice.

The most popular way clients use to restock their kits is engage us to do a “one stop restock service”.  In other words, you call us when you need us. We’ll come to your premises, in all suburbs of greater Sydney, and using the first aid check list, inspect your kits against the code and your workplace risk assessment and replace any stock missing or which has been used. You can also complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Manage your first aid kit yourself, use our contents checklist and order periodically.
We will service your kits within 48 hours and restock your kits for safety and compliance.
Programmed maintenance at a fixed price for regular scheduled maintenance.

Trusted, reliable, efficient, excellent value first aid supplies

These are just some of the words our clients use to describe our first aid kits and restocking service.

Our wide range of both portable first aid kits and wall mounted first aid kits and modules will meet personal or your workplace first aid needs and compliance requirements. We provide industry specific first aid kits for specified injuries or requirements such as the First Aid Code of Practice or Risk Assessment / Duty of Care Items.

We make this iron clad promise:

  • We will never overstock your kits
  • We will never sell you unsuitable items
  • We will never sell you “extras” just to boost the invoice value

First aid training and resources

A well-equipped first aid kit is the essential tool to mange an incident in the workplace. Every kit comes with a first aid guide that includes a chart on basic CPR or DRSABCD action plan. First aid kits should be clearly identified with a suitable first aid sign. All kits come supplied, free of charge with a first aid sign and first aid checklist. Keep your first aid kit in a safe, dry and accessible place, and make sure everyone in your business or family knows where it is.