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Manage first aid in the workplace

Workplace code of practice

Australian Workplaces have a minimum requirement for safety and first aid.
But still the minimum requirements are not being met.

All workplaces MUST provide:

  • at least one first aid kit which is maintained regularly
  • each worker with access to the first aid equipment
  • adequate facilities for the administration of first aid
  • an adequate number of workers are trained to administer first aid
  • an emergency and evacuation plan for the workplace
  • personal protective equipment where required

Managing your kits

Its never been easier to manage your onsite first aid kits. You can choose to check and maintain your kits onsite yourself using our handy checklist, or you can call us when you need restocking and we will come out within 2 working days, or you can arrange a fixed price kit servicing program based on your onsite requirements.

For more details and to arrange a quote go to our Flexi-fill options page.