AED Alarmed Wall Cabinet (ZOLL Plus)

$335.50 exc. GST

ZOLL AED Cabinet Alarmed

Zoll Metal Wall Cabinet with Alarm for AED Plus. The Cabinet for the AED Plus is design to be installed in a visible location.

The Stainless Steel Surface Mount Wall AED Cabinet with Strobe Alarm protects your AED and can be installed both in and out of doors. When the cabinet door is opened, both the strobe and the audio alarm are activated. Please note that the alarm can be deactivated by the simple turn of a key.

The Stainless Steel AED Wall Cabinet with Strobe Alarm is compatible with all major AED models.

The Stainless Steel Wall Cabinet with Strobe Alarm is constructed of sturdy metal and made in the United States. Installation is incredibly easy and takes between 10 – 15 minutes.

  • 17.4” W x 17.4” H x 8.9” D