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A well-equipped first aid kit is the essential tool to mange an incident in the workplace. Every kit comes with a first aid guide that includes a chart on basic CPR or DRSABCD action plan. First aid kits should be clearly identified with a suitable first aid sign. All kits come supplied, free of charge with a first aid sign and first aid checklist. Keep your first aid kit in a safe, dry and accessible place, and make sure everyone in your business or family knows where it is.

Of course, a first aid guide is no substitute for a first aid course. You can obtain the skills required by attending an appropriate for your site course conducted by our sister company, Certificates are issued on successful completion and will equip your staff to manage an emergency. If you need more information about first aid courses, please call Medilife direct on 1300 130 385 or visit

The best way to know how to use the first aid kit, and know what to do in an emergency, is to take one or more of our first aid courses.

Medilife first aid courses give you and your staff the knowledge and skills to provide capable first aid assistance.