Trainer Resources Complete Starter Package

$2,997.01 exc. GST

Trainer Resources Complete Starter Package (First Aid + CPR + AED + ANA&ASTHMA)


All the equipment a person needs to teach, train and assess first aid courses.

Set Up Resources Package Inclusions:

6 x EpiPen Trainers – Increased awareness of the use of an Epi-Pen, what it looks like and how it’s deployed is a required instruction in Apply First Aid 3 x Trainer Asthma puffer – A basic instruction on the use of a puffer for asthma sufferers 3 x Spacer Compact Chamber plus can used with an asthma puffer for instruction on correct administration to asthma sufferers Pocket Mask (demo) – A simple face mask is the most effective means of minimising risk of cross contamination and should be included in all workplace first aid kits to protect first aiders in the event of mouth to mouth resuscitation being necessary Pocket Mask Trainer demonstration Code of Practice first aid kit which meets most state and territory regulations. Additional research may be required to ensure participants have access to the requirements for their state. 100 x Resus Manikin Face Shield for CPR traing on a manikin. Hygenic and prevents cross contamination. Comes in a sealed sachet. AED Defibtech Trainer – All AEDs conform to ARC guideline protocols for the delivery of shock to a casualty in VF or VT. Basic instruction required in Apply First Aid. This unit is suitable for general knowledge of defibrillation Prestan infant manikins (bag of 4 manikins) – Light weight with carrybag and 50 lungbags Prestan adult manikins (bag of 4 manikins) – Light weight with carrybag and 50 lung bags.