Thomas ALS Pack Ultra Roller – Blue

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Thomas ALS Pack Ultra (Blue)

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The Thomas ALS Packs are designed to carry virtually all equipment and supplies needed by emergency medical teams to perform advanced cardiac and trauma life support.

The colour-coded ABC configuration (Airway, Bleeding and Cardiac Medicine) helps responders with equipment location recall. In total, the packs include over 100 individual dividers, elastics and pouches.

Includes adjustable backpack straps with chest connect strap. ALS Ultra Packs eliminate the stress and strain of transporting paramedic gear with the addition of an internal frame, wheels and a telescoping handle.

The TT150 series is also available with capacity to hold an additional 400 L ‘C’ size cylinder and a larger exterior pocket to accommodate kit includes 2 x large exterior pockets, 3 x colour-coded airways pouches (intubation, airway, paediatric), 1 x soft drug box (holds over 50 separate drugs and vials), 3 x colour-coded IV pouches, 4 x exterior removable clear vinyl pockets.

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