AED – HeartOn A10


Automated External Defibrillator HeartOn A10 (GST Free)


HeartOn A10 AED

When Cardiac Arrest strikes, be assured you have a product that is extremely simple to use and meets the highest operating standards in Australia. The HeartOn A10 from Mediana does just that. With simple to follow voice audio and LED prompts, this unit will guide you every step of the way…don’t panic. The A10 intuitively detects hearts rhythm and determines if a shock is required. If so, the user will be clearly advised when it’s time to deliver the life saving shock.

Simple and easy to use: Support icons and voice prompts to instruct users in performing CPR and defibrillation. Low maintenance – Automatically self-tests daily, weekly and monthly and will advise if an error is detected. Status indicator and battery level is shown on the front LCD screen.

Size: 31cm x 26cm x 10cm
Weight: 3kg